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  1. Justine sunday on

    When ever heard of this name #kiss-Daniel i always feel as if am the one. #Kiss-Daniel my dream is to be like even it means being your boy i will. @08123233662

  2. JUSTINE,KISS D worked 4 his own success and he succeded y cn't u work 4 ur own and succed to be a guy also, on


  3. i love d song so much, kiss daniel is my man, i base in kano state kiss daniel carry go for life.

  4. to achieve Gold u have to hustle hard, becuz u can sit in ur haux or watchin orders an just be wishing, my dear frenz read hard or u go on strt, am a strt of a kind

  5. slamzykute on

    kíՏՏ DɑղíҽӀ ժմɾօ íՏ ɑ հíԵ Եɾɑςk ɾҽςօɾժ DAT ҽѵҽɾվ ӀօѵҽɾՏ օƒ ʍմՏíς աíӀӀ ҍҽ ԵҽʍԹԵҽժ Եօ ժօաղӀօɑժ օɾ ҽԵհíҽɾ ժօ Եհҽ ɾҽʍɑkҽ օƒ íԵ Ӏíkҽ ʍҽ I աíӀӀ ժօ it

  6. i like ur song all but de one u have not sing i no it will be intresting if i will have de chanes to join ur racord label glad and apreciat my number 09059764281 08107725291 tanks one luv brother

  7. Anonymous on

    kiss you are great and you are the best,am in love with your song I just which to year your song for now to end,baba ooo greet u too much.

  8. hey why is dat u guys re just posting ya contact hia…ooo stop acting daft pls..u knw kiss daniel wil never log in to dis blog neither wil he, attempt to cum to read ya commnt

  9. Mary julius a.k.a kwin Jzzy on

    oh my Jeez Kiss daniel ur so sweet! will still b ur gurl very soon…really love yu cuz u so so talented…Ur still goin higher dan d highest…chill Gud boss

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