15 Most Ridiculous Celebrity Baby Names


Celebrities do the strangest things, and that includes giving their children unusual names. Sometimes the names are a bit silly, and sometimes they are totally baffling.


When putting together a list of people who do ridiculous things, it is only a matter of time before hip-hop artist
Kanye makes an appearance. Calling your daughter “North” is not all that bad; but when your last name is West? Bad move, Kanye.


Aside from the lovely alliteration, there is very little to like about the name “Reignbeau Rhames,” which is the name
actor Ving Rhames gave his daughter. For a start, the pronunciation is “Rainbow,” which is only a good name for
a My Little Pony. The strange, French-looking spelling is adding insult to injury.


Sylvester Stallone knocked it out of the park when he came up with the name “Sage Moonblood” for his son. Yes, it is a very memorable name; but it also sounds like a character out of “World of Warcraft.” Still, with a dad like Stallone, there was no chance school bullies were going to give him any trouble about it.

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